Appletree Garden 2014

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Looking for a small, intimate festival with a personal touch? New to festivals or simply tired of the crowds at the mega events? Do you want to hear music to entertain, enrich and inspire, and that you can also dance to? Then look no further than Germany's Appletree Garden Festival.

Every summer, young music fans from all over Germany flock to the North German Plain between Bremen and Osnabrück, headed for a secluded spot surrounded by woodland near to the town of Diepholz. The event organisers preserve the festival’s friendly and non-commercial feel by restricting numbers to 4,000. It’s small and cosy and the rules are less strict because of this – you can even park your car next to your tent, for example. The bands feel at home here too. They are known to join in for a kickabout or can often be seen just hanging out in front of the stage. The styles of music are as varied as it gets: from pop to folk, electro to indie, there is something to set the pulse of every music fan racing. Those who haven’t yet broken into enough of a sweat can make their way to the after-show party and really let their hair down. Those who want something to remember the festival by can purchase fairtrade organic t-shirts sporting the appletree logo.

The festival’s success is down to a voluntary organisation, which has now been running for eleven years. It is made up of former and current schoolchildren and students who work together with great enthusiasm. They start rolling up their sleeves as early as mid-July. After all the hard work, they can enjoy the festival weekend with 4,000 old friends and new faces whilst the apple trees are in blossom.

Thursday 24th Jul 2014
Saturday 26th Jul 2014
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Rasmus von Schwerdtner