High Definition Festival 2014

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Essex's High Definition Festival is back for the third year running, boasting even better visuals, even better atmosphere, and of course, even better headliners. High Definition has become renowned for its implementation of cutting edge technology, both in visuals and sound, rivaling some of the biggest festivals in the world and unique for a boutique event of this scale. Stakeholders in the festival separately run event production businesses, meaning the festival has exclusive access to some of the best equipment in Europe and is able to bring festival goers sounds and sights other festivals can only dream of. High-end sound systems by Mustt Audio Ltd, hundreds of meters of LED screen panels, full-colour laser systems, stunning pyrotechnics, Co2 cannons, stadium glitter launchers and hundreds of moving lights, LEDs and generic fixtures all supplied by in-house production team Light Design Ltd, will be illuminating up this Essex skyline this summer.

Saturday 5th Jul 2014
Sunday 6th Jul 2014