Meadows in the Mountains Festival 2014

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Meadows In The Mountains Festival unleashes it's otherworldly sunset, sunrise and sun kissed line up for it's 4th chapter this June. With over 40 artists already announced, Meadows is back bigger, better with a wider spectrum of music and a superb array of creative art collectives and installations set across three days in an unrivalled and breathtakingly beautiful festival vista.

Set in the heart of Bulagria's stunning Rhodope Mountains, Meadows is completely unlike any other festival in the world and is very proud of it's quirky and different attitude that does not follow others trends or other festival’s concepts. Meadows is a festival dedicated to offering a truly unique and one off experience for all, not just a list of run of the mill artists reflected throughout other european festivals. The underlying ethos of Meadows in the Mountains is is the belief that in the combined party mileage of al of its attendees, there is a tried and tested way forward. All of the music and arts at the festival revolve around the epic Bulgarian sunrise. In an eggshell Meadows is not about an A List lineup – it's the genuine atmosphere which is created by the loving Meadows clan who revel in the sense of escapism. No queues, and no aggressive, rude and uncaring security! Fundamental to the ethos too is the wildlife and fauna that covers the festival site, and Meadows has made a name for itself as one of the most culturally and environmentally aware anywhere in Europe.

Friday 13th Jun 2014
Sunday 15th Jun 2014
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James Sainty