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One for the indie / alternative music lovers! OFF Festival is a boutique festival that takes place in the lush greenery of the Three Lake Valley in Katowice, Poland. A unique experience where you can discover the boldest and eclectic alternative acts from around the world, OFF Festival is a way of life, one that flies in the face of current trends and stays true to itself and the organisers and crowd have one serious finger on the pulse when it comes to music.

The award-winning musical mecca, isn’t just famed for booking an unparalleled programme of rock, indie, black metal, neo-folk and drone bands - its breaks them as well. Taking over the beautiful greenery of the Valley of Three Ponds, an oasis a stone’s throw away from Katowice, a former European Capital of Culture, this annual extravaganza has a knack of showcasing international stars and pulling enough strings to make long-awaited debuts a reality too.

It’s also hard to boil the OFF Festival down to a single genre, scene, or style when you have lords of noise playing alongside melodic geniuses, and the heroes of tomorrow opening for the legends of the past. What shapes and holds the festival’s philosophy together is its openness to everything that doesn’t come out of a cookie-cutter, everything that’s less obvious and more challenging than the products served up in the mainstream. With poets, artists and film-makers all given space to shine here alongside the musical acts, it's clear that OFF is something special. That’s why even though festival art director Artur Rojek strives to get the greatest acts in alternative music to perform every year, you don’t see “names” playing in Katowice. You won’t meet faces you recognize from TV galas. You won’t hear the hits they play on corporate radio. Sorry, that’s just how they roll.

The musical line-up keeps those in the know returning, and it’s often said that OFF Festival is the only place east of Berlin where real music-lovers can catch a glimpse of the boldest and most eclectic acts on stages worldwide.

With five stages of guitar-slingers, electronic mind-benders, hip hop pioneers and metal mayhem, plus a Literary Cafe and a wide selection of decent grub, cheap lager and life-changing performances, it’s no wonder its Best European Festival tag still rings true.

Thursday 31st Jul 2014
Sunday 3rd Aug 2014
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