Rock im Park & Rock am Ring 2014

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Rock im Park and its twin, Rock am Ring, appeal to lovers of rock music, offering more than 100 hours of the best modern music live on stage each year, and with over 150,000 people attending the combined events, these are not just the largest German music festivals but also amongst the biggest in the world.

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are considered as a single event even though they take place in different parts of Germany. They take place at the same time, over three days, and have essentially the same line-ups at each venue.

Rock am Ring takes place within the northern ‘loop’ of the famous Nürburgring race circuit (the current Formula 1 race takes place on the modernized southern loop), with Nürburg village itself and the medieval castle with the same name residing inside the racing circuit. Camping is available on the site itself and the Festival village, and although a fairly remote German region, it is famous for its atmosphere.

Nuremberg, in the South East, home to Rock im Park, is a much larger city, with over half a million inhabitants, and a ton of attractions outside Rock im park Festival itself. This makes the Nuremberg venue generally easier to access for visitors from overseas. Nuremberg also has an excellent public transport service and the Rock im Park Festival ticket allows free travel on all the buses and trams within the city.

Friday 6th Jun 2014
Monday 9th Jun 2014