Secret Solstice 2014

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Secret Solstice is an Icelandic music festival that‘s being held for the first time in 2014. The festival features over a hundred local and international artists from a dizzying array of genres, showcasing both established artists as well as exciting up-and-coming talent over the course of three days. Held during the 24 hour midnight sun during the famous 'summer solstice', the festival is themed on Norse religion and mythology of old, and is set to deliver a unique party atmosphere filled with great entertainment.

The festival is set in Iceland's capital city Reykjavík, more specifically in the Laugardalur (Hot Spring Valley) recreational area, where citizens of Reykjavík traditionally used to bathe and do their laundry in the geo-thermal hot spot. Some of the fields and venues in Laugardalur play host to some of Iceland's major sporting events and cultural events. Besides that there is a huge swimming pool in the area, camping ground, a botanical garden and a theme park/ petting zoo.

Friday 20th Jun 2014
Sunday 22nd Jun 2014
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