SonneMondSterne 2014

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You might see stars dancing before your eyes after three days at Germany's SonneMondSterne (Sun, Moon and Stars) Festival! SonneMondSterne, or SMS for short, is one of the biggest open-air festivals for electronic dance music in Europe. It takes place every year on the second weekend in August at the beautiful Bleiloch reservoir near Saalburg-Ebersdorf in Thuringia.

The first SonneMondSterne Festival in 1997 attracted just 2,500 people - a number that has now increased more than tenfold. The concept and set-up have remained largely unchanged though, and audiences can always look forward to an amazing atmosphere. The heart of the festival is the huge open-air main stage, which is surrounded by a massive tent and two additional stages. There are also four smaller tents where famous clubs make guest appearances. Perhaps the biggest highlight of SMS though is the MS Gera party boat, which is specially decorated for the event. Cruising across the huge reservoir is sure to be an unforgettable experience even for seasoned festival-goers.

Friday 8th Aug 2014
Sunday 10th Aug 2014