The Great Escape 2014

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Since being founded in 2006, The Great Escape has been firmly established internationally as the leading event for showcasing new music. Taking place in Brighton over 3 days in May, The Great Escape kicks starts the festival season, introducing 15,000 music lovers to the key artists and sounds of the year. With over 350 bands playing in 30 venues over 3 days, The Great Escape is the key date in the music calendar. In addition to pre-publicised performances, impromptu street gigs spring up all over town. The Alternative Escape, numerous club nights, label parties, industry showcases, unique collaborations and outdoor gigs all add to the festivities. And with NME Magazine describing it as, “Glastonbury by the sea,” and Time Out calling it, "Britain’s answer to Texas’s SXSW,” you just know this one is something special.


A line up so long it took us 10 minutes just to even flick through it, this Brighton-based showcase is nothing less than IMMENSE. We can't even fathom where to begin with this one. Over 400 bands in 35 venues and on one wristband?!!?! Come on!!!!

A UK showcase to match the likes of the continental Eurosonic Noorderslag, many of these acts are on the verge of breaking it big - take InvasionMag longtime favourite Mø for example - whereas others you'll undoubtedly hear for the first time, forget about for a while yet nevertheless incessantly bang on about how "you were there" to your mates in two to three years time.

For the music aficionado, or music snob depending on which side of the fence you find yourself, it's a complete three-day weekend of audio gluttony. Until the schedule is released, we'll most certainly be stuck in a perpetual Christmas-eve anticipation, only wondering how the hell we're going to fit this all in...

- Fiona Bywaters, InvasionMag

Thursday 8th May 2014
Saturday 10th May 2014