Tomorrowland 2014 [Weekend 1]

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014, the biggest electronic dance music festival in the world will occur over two weekends of madness for the first time ever.

Incredible decorations and ten metre tulips tower over the world's biggest DJ's playing to the world's best crowd. In the distance a ferris wheel turns slowly. Strange fauns lurk in the woods, Buddhas shake with bass, candy canes curve over bars, and superheros stand by swimming pools.

2014 will be its 10th year and in that time Tomorrowland has expanded to one of the largest dance festivals in Europe, with over 180,000 making the trip to the land of wonder in Belgium. Fifteen stages cover all genres of dance music, including a frankly incredible main stage set-up.

It's easy to see why Tomorrowland is the festival on everyone's lips, and why tickets sell out in minutes after going on sale.

Friday 18th Jul 2014
Sunday 20th Jul 2014