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Whether you're a casual traveller, bushy-tailed backpacker, festival virgin, or wizened gigmaster, Europe Festival Guide is dedicated to bringing you the best information possible on the finest festivals around Europe each season, without any pretences or fluff.

Our festival rankings are based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) setting and reputation, the list of confirmed artists playing at each festival, the festival's progression and growth and commitment to its value, online reviews of past editions, personal experiences, and the pure buzz and excitement generated by each festival's news stories, announcements and social media interactions around the web.

Europe Festival Guide is made possible by the bright young folks at InvasionMag, one of the UK's (and indeed Europe's) finest music, travel and festival culture publications around. Together with our contributors and collaborators all around Europe, the InvasionMag team have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the art of the European festival, travelling far and wide each year on the quest for adventure, youthful enlightenment, and musical and cultural exploration.

If you would like to suggest a festival for us to include in the guide, or think you've spotted a correction that needs to be made on any of our sections, please feel free to shoot an email to tey@invasionmag.com and we'll get this party cranking.


Photography Credits

Here at Europe Festival Guide we respect the rights of photographers and want to give credit where credit is due. Almost all of the photos you see on the website have been downloaded from various sources on the internet or have been sent to us by individual festivals. Where possible the name and a link to the website or the photo stream of the photographer have been included, however in many cases it is close to impossible to contact the photographer or to find out who took a particular photo. Should you find a photo on our site that was taken by you and if you wish to receive the credit you deserve or have your photo removed, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to credit you and publish a link to your work.