Festival N°6 2014

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Festival No6 is a bespoke banquet of music, arts and entertainment held each year in majestic Portmeirion, Wales (also known as the location of the cult TV series, 'The Prisoner'). A soundtrack worthy of a weekend without musical boundaries, selected by a unified team of some of the UK's most respected independent promoters and purveyor's of the art of the party, at Festival No6 you can expect main stage moments right through to intimate gigs from a mouth-wateringly wondrous, but not obvious cast of artists, troubadours and cult players.

Your weekend will be spent in the most stylish festival setting imaginable. The ocean, mountains and forests are our perimeter fences and the main stage is a Mediterranean inspired coastal village. But Portmeirion is more than just a beautiful backdrop… Watch the village come alive with spontaneous performances, installations, surreal street theatre and impromptu interactive happenings. Festival No.6 is an experience you can completely immerse yourself in and become a part of. From the regency of the Town Hall, to the vibrant Colonnade Gardens, The Stone Boat, The Lighthouse, the estuary of the River Dwyryd, Tangle Woods and The Chinese Lake… all for you to set out and explore.

Friday 5th Sep 2014
Sunday 7th Sep 2014
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- Stephen Duffy