The Top 10 Boutique European Festivals this Summer 2014

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Ready to take a trek off the beaten festival path? From mountain thermal springs to private secluded beaches to 100% sustainable eco-friendly ventures, all of the festivals on our Top 10 Boutique Festivals list have their own unique points of difference, boldly turning away from current trends to forge their own unique paths on the European festival landscape. If you're looking for those unforgettable experiences that you'll tell your grand-kids about then look no further.

Photo credit: Chris Zielecki

Edge of the Lake Festival 2014 Switzerland
27th Jun - 29th Jun 2014
Tickets from €35 (3 day festival pass)

The 8th edition of Weekend At The Edge Of The Lake Festival takes place in a little summer alpine paradise: the Géronde Lake in Sierre, Switzerland.

MS Dockville 2014 Germany
15th Aug - 17th Aug 2014
Tickets from €89 (3 day festival ticket)

The beautiful MS Dockville Festival takes place in the outskirts of Hamburg, located on an old industrial area by the waterfront, accessible by ferry. Besides the huge lineup, there's an abundance of sights and treats to discover on the huge festival site.

Meadows in the Mountains Festival 2014 Bulgaria
13th Jun - 15th Jun 2014
Tickets from €120 (3 day festival ticket)
Maayan Nidam, Ruede Hagelstein, Jazzanova

Set in the heart of Bulagria's stunning Rhodope Mountains, Meadows in the Mountains is completely unlike any other festival in the world, dedicated to offering a truly unique and one off experience for all. Meadows offers festivalgoers the chance to revel in the sense of escapism at one of the most culturally and environmentally aware events anywhere in Europe.

The Garden Festival 2014 Croatia
2nd Jul - 9th Jul 2014
Tickets from €18 (festival day pass)
Derrick Carter, Crazy P

Croatia’s founding electronic festival returns for its 9th season this summer, nestled upon the beautiful and idyllic Adriatic coastline.

FOR Festival 2014 Croatia
19th Jun - 22nd Jun 2014
Tickets from €55 (one-day festival ticket)

FOR Festival is a non-traditional music event on the picturesque island of Hvar, Croatia. An intimate and exclusive (only 2500 tickets available per day), carefully curated musical experience on one of Croatia's most beautiful islands, it's a festival experience like none other.

Secret Solstice 2014 Iceland
20th Jun - 22nd Jun 2014
Tickets from €127 (3 day festival ticket)
Massive Attack

Features over a hundred local and international artists from a dizzying array of genres, Icelandic newcomer Secret Solstice is held over the 24 hour midnight sun during the famous 'summer solstice', and is set to deliver a unique party atmosphere filled with great entertainment.

Positivus Festival 2014 Latvia
18th Jul - 20th Jul 2014
Tickets from €57 (3 day festival ticket)
Kraftwerk, The Kooks

A hidden gem in the Baltic States, Positivus Festival is a 3 day music festival in Latvia, with international chart toppers and underground emerging talent taking over an idyllic holiday location on the coastal town of Salacgriva.

Appletree Garden 2014 Germany
24th Jul - 26th Jul 2014
Tickets from €52 (3 day festival ticket + camping + parking)

Looking for a small, intimate festival with a personal touch? New to festivals or simply tired of the crowds at the mega events? Do you want to hear music to entertain, enrich and inspire, and that you can also dance to? Then look no further than Germany's Appletree Garden Festival.

OFF Festival 2014 Poland
31st Jul - 3rd Aug 2014
Tickets from €52 (3 day festival ticket)
Belle and Sebastian

One for the indie / alternative music lovers! OFF Festival is a boutique festival that takes place in the lush greenery of the Three Lake Valley in Katowice, Poland.

Flow Festival 2014 Finland
8th Aug - 10th Aug 2014
Tickets from €159 (3 day festival ticket)

Flow Festival is a spectacular music and arts festival in Helsinki, Finland. Synonymous with bringing music from old school legends to hot-to-trot newcomers, Flow is the crown jewel in Finland's musical calendar and hits it out of the park with its mega lineups each year.